Java Language

Daniela Vares Restrepo


What is Java?

Java is widely used programming language which has wide verity of applications such as desktop applications, Mobile Applications, Enterprise applications etc.

  • Class Based and Object Oriended Programming Language.
  • Computing platform.
  • Fast, Secure, and Reliable.
  • Free
  • General Purpose

Characteristics of Java

1.It is a language that is compiled.

2.It is multiplatform language.

3.It is a safe language.
4.Java is easy to write and more readable and eye catching.

Java History

  • Java was designed by Sun Microsystems in the early 1990s.
  • Basic aim of java was to solve the problem of connecting many household machines together.
  • Project was unsuccessful because no one wanted to use it.
  • Earlier Name of Java : OAK
  • Creator of Java : James Gosling (the father of Java)
  • As there was another language called Oak , they decided to rename OAK. New name was given to OAK , OAK was renamed Java in 1994.
  • Java was publicly released on : May 27, 1995
  • Java was targeted at : Internet development
  • Applets Had early support from companies : Netscape Communications
  • Summary table

    Designed by Sun Microsystems
    Basic Aim For Communicating Between Household things
    Earlier Name of Java OAK
    Creator of Java James Gosling
    First Public Release 27 May 1995


    • First create a new project in Netbeens.
    • Then, copy this code in the main class.